Distributing Premium Apparel Since 1982

Manhattan International offers a complete solution for brands who wish
to enter the North American market, with everything under one roof.


Get To Know Us


Manhattan International has been distributing premium apparel in North America since 1988. With its head office located in Montreal, Manhattan’s focus has been creating and supplying wearable apparel to leading boutiques and specialty department stores. With a portfolio of over 8 recognized premium brands, international distribution,Canadian distribution, in-house design teams, NYC showrooms, a thriving private label business and plans for retail in the near future, Manhattan is rapidly becoming one of the top companies in the fashion industry.



Everything Under One Roof


Manhattan International is fully set-up to handle all the daily operations required for an effective fashion distribution business in Canada and the USA. With its headquarters located in Montreal, Canada’s fashion capital, the following departments ensure a smooth execution of local operations:


Customer Service

Exceptional customer follow-up, we support our customers with inventory for replenishment and stand behind our product if any quality issues arise.


Our in-house credit department uses insurance to limit our risk with most customers. They possess the expertise to negotiate payment terms with those that cannot be insured.


Oversees all aspects of transportation of our goods from suppliers.

Distribution Center

Ensures redistribution of goods to retailers in a timely and efficient manner, along with stocking replenishment inventory. Comprises both local and bonded facilities.